What is Corid-19

 COVID-19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. 

 It's caused by a virus called coronavirus. 

To ensure WE protect you

The salon is disinfected following each customer, this includes door handles, tables, and equipment used.

We will be wearing gloves and a facemask while carrying out your beauty treatment.

Any transactions under £30 can be done by contactless payments.

Any amounts above £30 which require a pin, the payments device will be sanitized after every customer.

To ensure YOU protect us

You will be asked to wash your hands on entering the premises. 

Also, we would like you to answer a few small questions before treatment. This may be included recent travel and contact, as well as your general health.

If you have ANY flu-like symptoms, this includes cough, cold, fever or sneezing, unfortunately, you will be unable to attend the salon, or receive any beauty treatment. 

Please be aware, this is subject to change.

Corvid Map

Confirmed cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19)